Work With Devin


MOBILE: (845) 238-8673

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Currently located in the Capital Region of New York!

If you live in the area, we can meet in person.


The Interview: $11, 33 Minutes

The interview is necessary for individuals who want to work with me 1-on-1, and also for companies. It is not necessary for lessons, workshops, and group sessions.

This price is for individuals. The price for a company interview is $111.

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A whole lot of good work can be accomplished in just 33 minutes using the techniques I will share with you. This initial consultation, or the "interview", is very important because it gives you the time and space to crystallize your intention for positive change.

During the interview, we will discuss your situation and how you would like it to be different, and we will make progress toward that goal. After 33 minutes have passed, we can talk about whether you want to continue working with me. If you do, we will agree on a plan of action.

Expect success!

I look forward to working with you.

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Please use the company application form to schedule an interview. You may contact me via email and or phone for inquiries.

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Thanks! And be well.

Make today magical!

It's up to you.