Hypnosis has infinite applications, and it can be used to expedite the achievement of any goal. These are some of the more popular focuses for people who use therapeutic hypnosis.

Pain Management — Stress Reduction — Weight Loss — Smoking Cessation — Sleep Health — Self-Esteem — Self-Confidence — Addiction — Motivation — Changing Habits — Athletic Performance — Artistic Performance — Healing Trauma — Creativity — Spiritual Growth — Past Lives

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I work with many kinds of people in many kinds of ways. Below is a simple outline of my service structure. First, some important notes.

  • The prices for Educational Workshops and Private Group Sessions vary, and are never more than $99 per person.
  • The interview is necessary for individuals who want to work with me therapeutically 1-on-1, and also for companies.
  • The interview is NOT necessary for mind skill lessons, workshops, and group sessions.
  • Although hypnosis is the focus of this website, my services take many forms, and are too eclectic to properly explain here. If you are curious, if you feel drawn to explore that which is beyond, you may inquire about my Mystery Services. Expect the unexpected.
  • I honor your unique situation. We can talk about affording my services.

You may contact me via phone or email for more information.

MOBILE: (845) 238-8673 — call & text

EMAIL: devin@dr-hypnosis.com


The Interview

Individual — $11

Company — $111

33 Minutes. 1-on-1. In person or virtual (phone or video call).

This is the initial consultation. If you are considering working with me 1-on-1, you can schedule an interview to feel my vibes, so to speak, and to see how exactly I can help you. Even if you are absolutely sure you want to work with me, the interview is still required. You can see here for more info about working with me.



Mind Coaching — $123 / Hour

1 - 3 Hours. 1-on-1. In person or virtual (phone or video call).

This is very simple. It's just you and me, either in person or via video chat. During the time we share, I will help you get a handle on your situation and guide you toward where you want to be, using a specially tailored eclectic approach. This encounter is both therapeutic and educational.


Traditional Hypnotherapy (THT) — $123 / Session

45 - 90 Minutes. 1-on-1. In person or virtual (phone or video call).

If you are looking for a more traditional approach, or if your situation calls for a deeper trance state to work through whatever you need to work through, or perhaps you simply want to know what hypnosis "feels like", then THT is for you. Get comfy, sit back, and go "deeeeeeeperrrrr". This works best for goals such as revisiting memories, exploring past lives, releasing trauma, etc. This encounter is therapeutic.


Mind Skill Lessons

$33 / Hour

1 - 3 Hours. 1 - 4 people. In person or virtual (phone or video call).

Mindfulness. Meditation. Self-Hypnosis. Etc.

I offer this service for those who want to learn these skills in a 1-on-1 or small group setting, without working with me therapeutically. This is a purely educational encounter.


Custom Hypnosis & Meditation Recordings

$??? / Track

10 - 90 Minutes. Personalized. Private use. Commercial license available.

I will create a customized hypnosis or guided meditation recording to fit your needs. To make this recording very effective, I will interview you for all the necessary details. The price of your recording will vary depending on a few factors, and you can expect a discount if we have already worked together.


Educational Workshop

$?? / Person

1 - 3 Hours. 10 or more people. In person or virtual (phone or video call).

During one of these workshops I teach about any knowledge and techniques related to wellness, mind, body, spirit, hypnosis, meditation, and so on — heck I'll even teach the art of cutting a mango if enough people want to learn it. Workshops involve both conceptual and practical elements, so you will learn on many levels. This is not inherently a therapeutic encounter, though you will inevitably receive therapeutic benefits by putting what you learn into practice.


Private Group Session

$?? / Person

1 - 3 Hours. 10 or more people. In person.

Private group sessions are focused on one specific goal, such as weight loss or stress reduction. Being in a small community of like-minded brothers and sisters is both supportive and motivating, and can help you achieve your goal more effectively. Keep in mind, this is a therapeutic encounter, so be open to the people around you — and you yourself! — having a breakthrough, and releasing emotions in a healing way. In addition to being therapeutic, this encounter is inherently educational, as you will acquire knowledge and skills which, when practiced regularly, will lead you to success and positive transformation.



Educational and Motivational Workshops. Employee Discounts on Sessions.

Everything I offer to individuals and groups, I also offer to companies. If you would like me to work with your company, feel free to contact me and complete the form for an interview. Then we can discuss exactly what you would like to offer your employees, and how exactly I can help. We can also discuss details such as pricing, travel arrangements, and all that jazz.



Mystery Services

If you are a particular kind of being, you will inquire about these services.

If you feel drawn to do so, do so. If not, do not. There is no right nor wrong choice. There is only a choice.

For those of you who will inquire, you know who you are, and you know why.

I await our first encounter, and look forward to working with you.

May Love and Knowledge be yours.