The Best Choice In Each Moment


So often we feel regret about choices we have made in the past. If only we had chosen differently, our lives would be different now... To this day, we may still beat ourselves up over it. Well, the perspective that I share with you here may help to reframe your past, and give you a new way of seeing your present.

There is no such thing as a bad choice.

In hindsight, it is very easy to see how a choice we made could have been better — but that's just a matter of learning. Really, there is no such thing as a bad choice, because all choices help us move in the direction we want to go, ultimately. No matter what we decide, by choosing one path over another we are making our way forward. There is no way to go backward.

What's more, we all make the best choice possible in each moment, given the knowledge and experience we have available to us then. This makes sense. If we all knew everything in every moment, every choice we make would be absolutely perfect. We would know how every single decision we make would affect everything else in our lives and others' lives, and there would never be any mistakes — ever. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a really boring way to be. We wouldn't learn anything, and we would be more like robots than anything else. What's the point of living, then?

Every choice brings us closer to where we ultimately want to be. And every choice helps us learn.

Now, this article wasn't intended to be about mistakes and learning; I just happen to find myself writing about that topic in this moment. It is relevant to making choices, of course, though my main focus is really to hit home the idea that you don't have to worry about the choices you made in your past, nor the choices you make in your present.

What I mean is, first, you can forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself is easier when you realize that you made the best possible choice in that moment. Even if, looking back, you think, "But I knew better!" or, "But there was more I could have done!" you still made the best choice in that moment, given your state of being at that time. In a way, you made the only choice you could have, given all the factors we could consider. Really, it's okay.

There are no right choices.

And second, just decide! You don't have to get caught up about making "the right choice", because, just as there are no bad or "wrong" choices, there are no right choices either. There are only choices. And every choice you make brings you closer to your ultimate goal. What is that goal? Well, that might require some deep soul diving to find out. The important thing is that you decide. Each time you do, it's like carving off another sliver from a chunk of clay. Eventually, a more distinct form will appear, and your path will be more clear.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading. Until next time, farewell.


Devin Ryback